For Grumpies the joy comes from riding with friends, old and new, we expect club members to have this at the heart of their riding. We race on the road, track, and cyclocross but if you want a racing club above anything else then we're not right for you.

We are not a big club, if you are interested in joining you can't hide in the peloton. You'll be expected to get involved and play an active part in the life of the club. That could be either joining one of the Tuesday night rides in Kent or the Thursday laps of Regents Park. We have club socials on the last Friday of every month but the club activity you can't regularly miss is the Sunday club run. 


The club was started by Ricky Sampson and Wayne Peach, AKA Big Daddy Wayne, back in 2007. After a year of getting dizzy in Richmond park they decided to join an existing club, for more variety of routes but most importantly to have fun and meet new friends. None of the existing clubs suited what they wanted to get out a club, so they created their own. As neither of them was the fastest up hills they decided to call the club CS Grupetto. This attitude of having fun on the bike and not taking themselves too seriously is still very much at the heart of the club. Wayne designed and registerd the club kit in 2008, a long time before Team Sky was even thought of, and it was ready for the clubs first European riding as the original members, OGs, took part in Hot Chillies, "professional event for amateurs" London to Paris ride.

We still cycle in Europe when we can, there have been club trips to ride the Tour of Flanders, Paris Roubaix, iconic climbs in the Alps and Dolomites.


The club has a very active social side which is just as important as time on the bike. There is an active forum where trips to watch the 6 Days of Ghent are arranged as well as monthly club social evenings and summer BBQs. The original ethos of friends riding with friends is still key to the club, we know life can get in the way, but we think members should try to attend social events when they can.