Programme 2017

Youth A:  8 Lap Scratch
Men: Team Sprint Heats
Women:  Team Sprint Heats
Youth A/B:  3 Lap Dash
Mens B:  3 lap dash
Womens:  3 Lap Dash
Mens B:  12 Lap Course de Primes
Women:  12 course de primes
Mens A:  12 Lap Course de Primes
Youth A/B:  Elimination
Mens B:  Elimination
Women:  Elimination
Mens A:  Elimination
Youth A/B:  10 Lap Points
Men:  Team Sprint Final
Women:  Team Sprint Final
Mens B:  12 lap scratch
Women:  Roadwoman's 15km
Mens A:  Roadman's 25m

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