The social side of cycling and the friendships created by riding a bike are the foundations the club was built on. We are a cycling club but the social side is important. As a club we are very active socially and we meet regularly on the last Friday of the month. Although, there's not a week goes by when there isn't an informal get together somewhere involving members. Like all clubs though you get out what you put in and the opportunities are there if you want them.

Last Friday of the Month

On the last Friday of the month the club gets together for regular social drinks. The venue changes from month to month but its usually located fairly centrally such as the Rake at London Bridge, the Jolly Gardeners in Putney or down at our spiritual home of Canopy. It's a chance to chat to other members to off the bike and meet the time trialers who don't get out in a bunch much. Drinks are informal and good fun so come along and get involved. 

Ghent 6 Days

Every year we travel as a club to the original 'English 6 Day meeting' in Ghent. If you have never been to a 6 day meeting this is the one to go to first, it has flying laps, derny racing and more maddisons than you can keep track off. It's fast, exciting and to the uninitiated one of the most confusing things you'll see. You'll never forget the intoxicating smell of the 2 stoke fumes, beer and bratwurst all mixing together in the legendary 'Kuipke' cycling stadium. 

Club parties and barbecues 

Every summer we hold the club barbecue and thought the year we have spring classic parties and evenings out at look Mum No Hands or Canopy to watch the Giro or Tour Highlights. If you want a small cycling club with an active social life then look no further.